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How a Mexican Lawyer Can Help You

Business lawyers can help you in your business from A to Z on the legal side

If you are starting in the business world or have never had business lawyers before in your businesses here are some examples of ways that a business lawyer can help you.

·         Starting a business: The business lawyer can help you with incorporating your business, doing your minute books, and drafting your first shareholder’s agreement, that’s really the first time you should be seeing a business lawyer.

·         The second time you will need a lawyer in relation to your business will probably be for your minute book, business lawyers can evidently help you with updating your minute book, making your dividend declarations, drafting resolutions for you, fixing the ledges in your book, your registries, etc. This is a more simple type of work, but it is a point that’s really important that it is done properly, you should have a minute book for your business, and if you do, it should be updated by a lawyer regularly

·         Hiring your first employee or first client: here you should really have proper contracts drafted

·         Lease revisión, drafting, and negotiation: when you get your first lease, a business lawyer can revise and negotiate the leases for you, or to drop the leases for you; depending on the nature of the business, if we are dealing with the landlord so, for example, a client that’s in real estate who has multiple buildings across the city we will typically draft all their leases for them and we will negotiate it for them as well; on the other hand if we are dealing with a client that’s for example in the retail industry and they have stores across the city, then we will receive copies of all their leases and we will revise and negotiate the leases for them.

·         Contracts: Every time that you sign a contract you should have it revised by a lawyer, a business attorney can help you in multiple different ways, we can draft the contracts for you, we can revise them for you and we can negotiate them for you, it’s really important that you see a lawyer at this stage, this is where people will fault the most, they will either make verbal contracts with people, or they will go ahead and draft their own contracts by using templates that are online. Have a lawyer properly draft your contracts, when your contracts are properly drafted, you have a lot more security and you can ensure that you´re essentially preventing from having future problems in your business.

·         Loans to get more capital: It could be in several different ways, you might need a loan in your business, so maybe you are getting a private loan from another individual or from another business or maybe you´re getting an investor for the first time in your business, a corporate attorney would draft all your transactions for you, so here you would look at maybe a share purchase agreement, a shareholders agreement and maybe some other agreements as well, maybe a loan or convertible debentures.

·         Shareholders disputes: You should have a business attorney for a shareholders dispute or any type of transaction divulging out of the shareholder’s agreement; If you have more than one partner in the business, it is very likely you have (or you should have ) a signed shareholders agreement when you incorporated; it is possible that throughout the life stage of the business, there may have been some sort of dispute between the business partners. If there is ever a dispute we would use the shareholder’s agreement to draft up the contracts related to that dispute.

·         Closing the business: Business lawyers can help you from A to Z, on the Z stage you want to dissolve your business, maybe the business is not profitable or they never had business activities and don´t plan to anymore in the future, you can contact a lawyer and the lawyer can close off the business for you. We make sure that it is properly closed and everything is properly filed

·         Advisory role: Here you can think of a lawyer that’s actually your outside general counsel, some of our clients hire us on a long-term basis and we do all their legal work for them. When you are dealing with this type of lawyer, you will typically be able to get advice on just about anything in your company, for example, if you want to sign this deal, how should this be done? or for the first time in your business, you maybe need some sort of professional or a different type of professional, you can always ask your lawyer and they can refer you to the right people. An attorney will also tell you how transactions should be done or how certain things should be structured according to Mexican laws and regulations, and obviously if you have any doubts about how certain procedure is done, it is our job to advise you on what the process is, you can always ask your lawyer.

It is fundamental to trust your lawyer, in all of these stages, if you have a lawyer that you don´t trust, the relationship is not really going to be great, it´s important for you to have a lawyer that you can call and say: I don´t know how to do this thing, can you help me? And when you have that type of relationship with your lawyer, it’s going to be a lot easier for the two of you to do business together and also a lot better for you, because you will be able to get a lot better legal advice.

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